Certified Hypnotherapy Training School offers both in house and online Hypnotherapist Training, that will provide you with the skills and tools you need to become a successful hypnotherapist.

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  • Dennis is a noted Speaker and Instructor at Conventions and Conferences - Some References - FYI

    Obviously, these are listed here to build credibility, so if you are thinking of having Dennis address one of your corporate functions, church retreats, or conferences as a Keynote, Seminar/Workshop presenter, or several day "Mind Management" group hypnotherapy program, you will want to know that he has been involved in these types of functions for many years, and you are not getting involved with an experiement. - Intermountain Health Care - Amerinet Conference - Anehiem, California - Utah Valley Community College - Many years as a presenter - Stress Management through Self-Hypnosis - Idaho Health Care Association - Stress Management through Self-Hypnosis - Idaho Healt Care Association - Comments - Utah Health Care Association - various subjects - Dept of the Treasury - Stress Management - Thiokol - Aerospace - World Scientific Congress of Golf - Spring 2012 - The Subconscious Golfer - Hypnotherapy for Golf  
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  • This school has changed my life in every way you can imagine. Hypnotherapy truly allows you to be free, happy, calm, and relaxed. I am now a non-smoker, better mother, and I love who I am, all because of my training and personal hypnotherapy experiences in this school. Thank you for assisting me to change my life and teaching me to know how to assist others to do the same. Paige Rogers
  • Hypnotherapy school teaches self-mind management skills, allowing individuals to move forward in many aspects of their lives. Changing perspectives, by using the tools learned through hypnotherapy, fosters lifelong habits of freedom and growth. Experiencing this personally, in addition to helping others find the power within them to find their own answers has been beyond rewarding! Robyn Erickson