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Sports Mind Management
Specializing in "YIPS" and Subconscious Mental Sports Performance

Mind Management Trainings and Hypnotherapy for Enhanced Performance
with W. Dennis Parker CHT
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"I have been testing the effects of clinical hypnotherapy for several years with Dennis.

The brain changes and becomes more coherent, synchronous and clear. The role of the subconscious in sport is tremendous. Having tested and worked with the conscious mind for 30 years, I am grateful to have these techniques (Spiritual Mind Management) to work with the subconscious mind and unite the conscious and subconscious minds!"

Dr. Debbie Crews - http://optiherence.com/

FREE-Up Energy, which is now being utilized to control emotions from Past Experiences.

Enjoy Balanced Energy (Free from 'Flight-Flight' Internal Emotional Vacillations)

Know how and when to, "Be in the Zone".

Use Power of Choice to Attach or Detach to Emotional Content when it Serves you Best.

Be FREE of Emotionally Induced Illnesses and Pains, such as asthma, indigestion, migraines.

Eliminate Personal Problems and Habits that are Inhibiting Performance.

Know how to Manage Your Mind for Peak Performance and Personal Enjoyments.
In just 2 - 8 - 1 1/2 hour sessions of Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy, you will accomplish many of the above.

For example: Yips - Desensitize from the thoughts and emotions that cause "Yips" in just one or two sessions (average).

Overcome past emotional sensitizing events that cause you to lose focus and concentration in just 1 - 4 sessions.

Learn "Spiritual Mind Management Control Techniques and Protocols" in just 1 - 2 sessions.
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Lower your putting scores by 10 - 20%

See research here.
Use "Spiritual Mind Management" techniquest to 'Manage Your Mind' for Enhanced Sports Performance!